The purpose of research is to inform action.  Research must always be high quality, clearly cited, and easily understood, in order to produce the knowledge that leads to smart sourcing decisions.  Nature’s Packaging seeks to provide fact-based information to those in decision making positions.

Research on this site highlights the life-cycle, sustainable, landfill-avoidance and carbon benefits of designing and specifying wood packaging.  A full list of existing research is available at the touch of a button on the downloads page.  Nature’s Packaging is funding additional research that will be added to the site when complete, so please check back often.

Research answers important constituent and customer questions, makes data available and brings to light the truth based on analysis and investigation versus public perception or opinion. Research allows us to engage in constructive dialogue with each other.  Understanding each other’s beliefs and values, and working to build understanding – it is an important part of communication and brings evidence to intricacy and complexity when discussing a given issue.

Research is Nature’s Packaging’s best friend.  It helps us all Choose The Sustainable Way.